Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to pay to use SIPtm?
    No you do not, SIPtm can be downloaded for free
  • Do I pay SIPtm to purchase the mutual funds?
    No you do not, the money is debited from your bank account directly and is transferred to the respective mutual fund company.
  • Which Android versions are supported by SIPtm?
    SIPtm supports all Android versions above 4.4.
  • Do you have iOS version of this app?
    iOS version currently not available for this app.
  • Which Banks can be registered via SIPtm for investments
    We currently support the following banks. However, we are regularly adding banks on the platform, so if you do not find your bank listed here, please try again in a couple of months.
  • Do I need to provide my bank account details when I am ready to invest?
    Yes, details are required to debit your account to purchase the mutual funds and also, to deposit the amount in your account as and when you sell the mutual funds.
  • Can I invest using a cheque?
    No. SIPtm is an online service only i.e you can invest through an e-mandate which allows auto-debit from your bank for investing every month (SIP).
  • Can I invest in funds other than the ones SIPtm has shortlisted?
    No. SIPtm shortlists funds that are best suited to meet your goals in the timeframe you have chosen, i.e. it offers a solution vs. just distributing mutual funds as products. The latter can be risky, especially if you are an experienced investor.
  • Just see 2 mutual funds recommended for my solution, is that number not low?
    "One of the primary benefits of mutual funds is diversification so, unlike stocks where if you were to hold just 2 or even 8 stocks that would be considered risky. In case of mutual funds, each fund typically holds on average 50- 60 stocks. So across 2 funds you will hold over 100 stocks at any point in time. In fact, if you are holding more than 8 mutual funds in your portfolio it is an overkill and might actually drag down your portfolio performance. Further, if the portfolio with a large number of funds has been recommended by an advisor, it shows that person does not have conviction in his or her fund selection."
  • I see different funds suggested for the same solution now vs 6 months back when I invested, does that mean the funds I invested in are no longer good.
    The short answer is no, your funds are still great. The funds that were suggested to you were the best funds for you based on the time you invested and the prevailing market conditions at that time. Chances are, the funds you invested in are now expensive because the markets have run up or the economic conditions have deteriorated like in 2018, and the allocation has to be changed for investors investing now. The fund is just part of the solution. Research worldwide shows that Asset allocation accounts for more than 90% of returns and therefore SIPtm algorithm assigns a lot of weightage to the same. Based on our past results, this strategic approach has not disappointed our investors.