Terms of Use

Terms of Use of App and Services

This page (together with the Privacy Policy and Investor Services Agreement referred to herein) explains the terms of use ("Terms") of using the App and services ("Services") provided by Everguard Life Ventures Pvt. Ltd. ("Everguard"). We are located at 1-4-158/1, Saipuri, PO Sainikpuri, Hyderabad, Telangana 500094, India.

If you do not agree with these Terms, please stop using the Services.

About these Terms

We may modify these Terms to reflect changes to the law or changes to our Services. We will notify you of such changes. Changes will never apply retroactively and will be effective immediately on posting. If you do not agree to the modified Terms, please discontinue your use of the Service.

If there is a conflict between these Terms and the terms of our Investor Services Agreement, the terms of the Investor Services Agreement will prevail for that conflict.

These Terms govern the relationship between SIPtm and you. They do not create any third party beneficiary rights.

If you do not comply with these Terms, and we do not take action immediately, it will not be construed as our consent to your non-compliance.

If any term contained in these Terms is unenforceable, it will not affect the other Terms.

You agree that the laws of India will apply to any dispute arising out of or in relation to these Terms or the Services.

All disputes will be subject, first, to mediation, and then by arbitration by a sole arbitrator appointed by SIPtm in accordance with Indian law. The venue of arbitration will be Pune, Maharashtra.

Acceptance of Terms

This App is offered to the user on the condition that the user accepts the terms contained herein, without any modification whatsoever. For the purposes of this Terms of Use, 'Service' shall mean and include, without limitation, access to all, one or some of the following: tools, software, features and functionality including content, updates and new releases whether authored by SIPtm or by any third party.

You may not use the Service and you may not accept this Agreement if you are not of a legal age to form a binding contract with SIPtm.

If you accept this Agreement, you represent that you have the capacity to be bound by it or if you are acting on behalf of a company or entity that you have the authority to bind such entity. Before you continue, you should print or save a local copy of this Agreement for your records.

Modification of these terms and conditions

SIPtm reserves the right to change, without notice, this Terms of Use under which the Service is offered. The User's continued use of the Service will be subject to the Terms of Use in force at the time of the Use.

SIPtm shall have the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or remove terms of this agreement at any time but will provide sufficient notice. You agree to review these terms of use periodically since subsequent use by you of this site shall constitute your acceptance of any changes. SIPtm shall have the right at any time to change or discontinue any aspect of SIPtm.com, including, but not limited to content, hours of availability and equipment needed for access to use. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions shall be effective immediately upon posting and any subsequent use by you after such posting shall conclusively be deemed to be acceptance by you of such changes, modifications or deletions.

Termination of the Services


If the User violates any term of this Terms of Use, SIPtm may terminate the User's access to this App, without waiving any other rights. The User would continue to remain liable for any liabilities that may have arisen before the termination.SIPtm may terminate the Services by giving 30 (thirty) days prior notice in writing to the Registered user.

Your Privacy and Data Protection

SIPtm's Privacy Policy (available at: https://www.siptm.co.in/privacy.php) explains how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our Services. By using our Services, you agree that SIPtm can use such data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Your SIPtm Investment Account

You will need a SIPtm investment account in order to make investments, the operation of which, is additionally covered by the Investment Services Agreement (available at: https://www.siptm.co.in/investment.php) By initiating registration for the investment account you acknowledge your acceptance of the Investment Services Agreement.

Using Our Services

  • SIPtm is India's most simple and personalized SIP investment mobile App. Don't interrupt our Services or try to access them using a method other than the interface and the instructions that we provide. If you interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of our Services, we may stop providing our Services to you and pursue legal action against you.
  • Using our Services does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights, including any branding or logos, in our Services or the content you access. You may not use content from our Services unless you obtain our permission first, and attribute ownership appropriately.
  • Service(s) shall be availed in accordance with the Terms & Conditions mentioned herein. User agrees that SIPtm and / or the mutual fund may at its sole discretion vary the Terms & Conditions or withdraw any of the facilities provided herein from time to time.
  • User hereby irrevocably and unconditionally grants no objection to SIPtm and the respective mutual funds / RTAs to collate the transaction details relating to the investments in mutual fund units done by user on the online technology platform of SIPtm and provide such transaction data to SIPtm for further processing of user transactions.


User acknowledges that in accessing and using the Services offered by SIPtm, user may utilize the content and Services offered on the SIPtm Apps. User agrees to follow the terms and conditions for the use of such SIPtm Apps as may be specified on such SIPtm Apps from time to time. Notwithstanding such acceptance of the SIPtm Apps terms, User acknowledges and agrees to the following, that:

  • SIPtm is an AMFI registered distributor and advisor of mutual funds and enables Users to purchase units of various mutual funds, details of which shall be made available on the App, from time to time.
  • User investment Account will be activated after SIPtm completes the verification process on the personal information provided at the time of enrollment and in accordance with the Know Your Client ("KYC") guidelines issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India ("SEBI").
  • User shall not to copy, reproduce, sell, redistribute, publish, enter into a database, display, perform, modify, transmit, license, create derivatives from, transfer or in any way exploit any part of any information, content, materials, services available from or through the SIPtm Apps, except that which user may download for personal, non-commercial use.
  • User will not use SIPtm's Apps for any purpose that is unlawful, or prohibited by the Terms & Conditions. User also agrees that user will not use the Apps in any manner that could damage, disable or impair the Apps or interfere with any other person's use or enjoyment of SIPtm's Apps.
  • The software and hardware underlying the Apps as well as other internet related software which is required for accessing the App are the legal property of the respective vendors. The permission given by SIPtm to access the Apps will not convey any proprietary or ownership rights in the above software/ hardware. User agrees that user shall not attempt to modify, translate, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the software/hardware underlying the App or create any derivative product based on the software / hardware.
  • The data and information provided on the App does not constitute advice and shall not be relied upon by the user while making investment decisions.
  • SIPtm is not responsible for the availability of content or other services on third party sites linked from the SIPtm Apps. User agrees and is aware that access of hyperlinks to other internet sites are at users own risk and the content, accuracy, opinions expressed, and other links provided by these sites are not verified, monitored or endorsed by SIPtm in any way. SIPtm does not make any warranties and expressly disclaims all warranties express or implied, including without limitation, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement with respect to any information or services or products that are available or advertised or sold through these third party Apps.
  • SIPtm has the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice for such changes. Any such amendment shall be effective immediately. It shall be Users responsibility to review the Terms & Conditions periodically for any updates/changes. User agrees that the information and assistance provided on the SIPtm Apps are true to the knowledge of SIPtm and should not be construed as investment advice, and that SIPtm shall have no liability for any discrepancy in any such information or assistance.
  • Mere use of the App, shall be construed as your intent to contract with us and shall constitute Your binding obligations, with us.
  • User understands that it is users responsibility to check the Terms & Conditions carefully before accessing, using, or transacting on our App.
  • As long as User complies with the Terms & Conditions, we grant user a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited privilege to enter and use the App. User acknowledges and understands that use of the App shall be at your own risk and you have the discretion of not using the App.
  • SIPtm shall not be liable if any transaction does not fructify or may not be completed or for any failure on part of the SIPtm to perform any of its obligations under the Terms & Conditions or those applicable specifically to its services/facilities if performance is prevented, hindered or delayed by a Force Majeure event and in such case its obligations shall be suspended for so long as the Force Majeure event continues.
  • All information, content, materials, products (including, but not limited to text, content, photographs, graphics, video and audio content) on the SIPtm Apps is protected by copyright in the favour of SIPtm under applicable copyright laws and is also protected otherwise under general intellectual property law.
  • All information submitted by user to SIPtm (except for the information which shall be by virtue of its nature, be deemed to be proprietary information of the User) whether through the SIPtm Apps or otherwise shall be deemed to be the property of SIPtm, and SIPtm shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques provided by such users at the SIPtm Apps, in any manner whatsoever.
  • Not all the products and services offered on SIPtm's Apps are available in all geographic areas and user may not be eligible for all the products or services offered by SIPtm on the Apps. SIPtm reserves the right to determine the availability and eligibility for any product or service.

  • The funds transfer for purchase of units of mutual funds will be done by using an electronic payment gateway facility(“Electronic Payment Gateway”), ONLY mandate facility shall be offered for transaction on the App, through a third party net banking service provider registered with the Reserve Bank of India. User cannot use or permit the use of the Electronic Payment Gateway or any related services for any illegal or improper purposes.
  • Users shall utilize the Electronic Payment Gateway at their own risk. These risks would include but not be limited to the following risks and SIPtm disclaims all liability and responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs of whatsosever nature arising due to such risks:
  • Misuse of Password:

If any third party obtains access to user password of the investment Account, such third party would be able to transact on SIPtm's online technology platform. User shall ensure that the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the net banking password as contained in the Electronic Payment Gateway for net banking are complied with at all times.

  • Internet Frauds:

The internet per se is susceptible to a number of frauds, misuse, hacking and other actions, which could affect payment instructions given using Electronic Payment Gateway or the transactions done using SIPtm's online technology platform. Whilst SIPtm shall aim to provide security to prevent the same, there cannot be any guarantee against such internet frauds, hacking and other actions. User shall separately evolve/evaluate all risks arising out of the same.

  • Mistakes and Errors:

The filling in of applicable data for transfer would require proper, accurate and complete details. In the event of user Account receiving an incorrect credit by reason of a mistake committed by any third party, the concerned mutual fund/AMC or the bank shall be entitled to reverse the incorrect credit at any time whatsoever without the consent of the User. User shall be liable and responsible to accept any such instructions received from the AMC, without questions for any unfair or unjust gain obtained by SIPtm as a result of the same.

  • Technology Risks:

The technology for enabling the transfer of funds and the other services offered by the Electronic Payment and SIPtm could be affected by virus or other malicious, destructive or corrupting code, program or macro. The site of SIPtm or the bank may require maintenance and during such time it may not be possible to process the user request. This could result in delays in the processing of transactions/payment instructions or failure in the processing of transactions/payment instructions and other such failures and inability. User understands that SIPtm disclaims and all liability, whether direct or indirect, whether arising out of loss of profit or otherwise arising out of any failure or inability by bank/mutual funds/AMCs to process any transaction/payment instructions for whatsoever reason. SIPtm shall not be responsible for any of the aforesaid risks.

  • Limits

SIPtm may from time to time impose maximum and minimum limits on funds that may be transferred by virtue of the payment transfer service given. User realizes, accepts and agrees that the same is to reduce the risks of the user. User shall be bound by such limits imposed and shall strictly comply with them.

  • Indemnity:

User shall indemnify SIPtm from and against all losses and damages that may be caused as a consequence of breach of any of the Electronic Payment Gateway for net banking and the Terms & Conditions mentioned herein above.

  • Authentication of the Transaction:

Users are authorized to make transaction only with and from the bank account(s) registered on the App. Banks have all the right to cancel, reject and/or unauthorize the transaction made by the user, from any other account, details of which is not registered or provided to SIPtm. Such payment which is rejected by the banks shall be notified or intimated to the user.

  • Transaction Verification:

The transaction made by the user, whether approved or rejected, using the App shall be subject to the following level of verifications:

  • SIPtm: Transaction will be rejected in case the bank account though which the payment is made, is not registered with SIPtm;
  • BSE: Transaction made from the bank account which is different from the account details provided by SIPtm to BSE.
  • AMC: Finally, rejection could be made by the AMC, upon receiving the transaction details.
  • Withdrawal of Facility:

SIPtm shall be entitled to withdraw this service at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever.

  • Binding nature of above terms & conditions:

By use of this facility, user shall be deemed to have agreed to all the above terms & conditions and such terms & conditions shall bind the User in the same manner as if the user has agreed to the same in writing.


Any information contained in SIPtm brochures or other materials or otherwise communicated by SIPtm shall not be construed as investment advice and that all decisions to purchase or sell units made by user shall be on the basis of personal judgment arrived at after due consideration. SIPtm does not in any manner:

  • Guarantee payments on any units; or
  • Guarantee liquidity of any units; or
  • Make any offer to buy back any units; or
  • Guarantees the redemption or repayment of any units on maturity; or
  • Guarantees the payments of interest or dividend; or
  • Promise, indicate or guarantee any returns; or
  • Guarantee any good delivery.
  • Subscribe to units of mutual funds on behalf or in name of user or collects payments from user for the units so purchased by user for remitting it further to the AMCs; or
  • Receive any account statement from mutual funds/AMCs, on behalf of or in the users name pertaining to the units; or
  • Redeem /sell the units held by user or on its behalf or in its name; or
  • Instruct the mutual fund and/or the corresponding AMCs with regards to nomination/changes in investments plan/any other changes; or
  • Sign any document on behalf of or in the name of user for purchase, sale or redemption of units; or
  • Collect, receive and / or give receipts and discharges for any sum including dividend, interest or income arising from the units and does not sign and/or endorse dividend and interest warrants on my/our behalf or in my/our name; or
  • Correspond with or gives notice to the mutual fund/AMCs on behalf of or in the name of user, except for transmission of transactions done or purported to be done by user on the online technology platform.
  • SIPtm does not make any promises to the user basis the graphical representation provided on the App. The data collected from the user to calculate the prospective investments amount and is in relation to the past investment history of the user and shall not be construed as an authoritative advice to the user. SIPtm does not offer any advice and nothing herein or on the SIPtm App shall be construed as investment advice by user.
  • Any sum invested through SIPtm investment account is not a deposit with SIPtm and is not bank insured. The same is not endorsed or guaranteed and does not constitute obligations of SIPtm or any of the subsidiaries associates or affiliates companies whose role is only as described in the Terms & Conditions. Investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks, including the possible loss of principal amount invested. The value of the units purchased or not purchased will fluctuate. If user redeems the units/shares purchased, user may receive more or less than user has/had paid depending upon NAV of the units in the fund or trust at the time of redemption. Past results are not a guarantee to future performance. Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future.

Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

SIPtm hereby grants to the User, the right to use the Service in accordance with these terms, and for no other purpose. All the trademarks, logos and service marks, information and content provided on the App including its design structure and compilation are privately owned Intellectual Property Rights of SIPtm and or its affiliates, agents, associates, subsidiaries and other parties, who have been authorized by us to display the same on our App. You shall not copy, download and or print documents from our App for any commercial purposes and shall not post, distribute, transmit, display, publish, sell or modify them or remove any copyright trade mark or other proprietary notices. For permission to use third party materials appearing on our App, please contact the copyright owner.

< h2>Limits on Personal and Non-Commercial Use

The User expressly agrees to use the Service strictly for personal purpose. The User shall not recompile, disassemble, copy, modify, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish or create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products, tools or services accessed from this App. User may not rent, lease, sell, sublicense, lend or in any manner allow any other party to use the Service, with or without consideration. By viewing the contents of this App you agree this condition of viewing and you acknowledge that any unauthorized use is unlawful and may subject you to civil or criminal penalties.

Access Restriction

SIPtm reserves the right to deny, in its sole discretion, any User access to this App or any portion thereof without notice or justification. Further SIPtm reserves the right at any time to charge fees for access to any service provided by it. It shall put up a notice to this effect with necessary details at the relevant point of time.

Hyperlinking and Referencing

Unless expressly authorized by App, no one may hyperlink this site, or portions thereof, (including, but not limited to, logotypes, trademarks, branding or copyrighted material) to theirs for any reason. Further, you are not allowed to reference the url (www.SIPtm.co.in) in any commercial or non-commercial media without express permission. You specifically agree to cooperate with the App to remove or de-activate any such activities and are liable for all damages./p>

Use of Password

User shall be responsible for creating and safe keeping of his Password. In the event a User is given a password by SIPtm, the User shall ensure that such password is kept in a secure manner. User may not assign his/her password obtained to any person or entity without the prior written consent of SIPtm. User shall bear all responsibility of keeping the password secure and in the event that the User incurs any liability to SIPtm or any other third party as a result of the password being used by third parties, or due to improper use of the password, User shall, without limitation, bear all such liability. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, in the event any liability arising to the User as a consequence of any of Everguard's (the Company) employees accessing the User's password without authorization shall be borne by the User.

Your Content in our Services

Some of our Services allow you to upload, submit, store, send or receive content. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, your information stays yours.

When you upload, submit, store, publish, send or receive content to or through our Services, such content must not:

  • Be harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, paedophilic, libellous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable, disparaging, and relating to or encouraging money laundering or gambling.
  • Harm minors in any way.
  • Infringe any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights.
  • Deceive or mislead the reader about the origin of such messages or communicate any information that is grossly offensive or menacing in nature;
  • Contain software viruses or any other programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of another computer or mobile device.
  • Threaten the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order.
  • Cause the incitement to commit any offence or prevent the investigation of any offence.
  • Be insulting to any other nation.
  • Impersonate another person.

Please also note that under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules framed thereunder, the above actions may be criminal in nature.


Use of this App may be monitored, tracked and recorded. Anyone using this App expressly consents to such monitoring, tracking and recording.


1. If you wish to receive access to the restricted content of the App you will need to register (as a Registered User) with us and the following provisions of this Clause will apply.

1.1 You agree to:

a) provide true, accurate, correct and complete information which you are required to provide when you register or subscribe as a user of the App, and

b) Notify us immediately of any changes to the Personal Information.

c) Receive calls, sms or emails regarding our products or services

d) You agree not to: impersonate any other person or entity or to use a false name or a name that you are not authorised to use, or disclose your password or user name to any other person, or allow your password or user name to be used by any other person to access the Services.

e) We reserve the right to decline any application from you to register as a user at our sole discretion. If you are accepted you will receive from us a user name and password. If you are allowed to select a user name, we reserve the right to modify such or provide you with a user name of our choice if, in our sole opinion, such user name infringes or violates the rights of any person or third party or is defamatory, offensive or is in any other way improper or inappropriate.

f) We reserve the right to terminate your account (including user name and password) if any Personal Information is untrue, inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete.


1 You:

1.1 agree not to use the App(s) and/or the services (or any part thereof) for any illegal purpose and agree to use it in accordance with all relevant laws;

1.2 agree not to upload or transmit through the App(s) and/or the services any computer viruses, macro viruses, trojan horses, worms or anything else designed to interfere with, interrupt or disrupt the normal operating procedures of a computer;

1.3 will not use the App(s) and/or the services in a way that may cause the App(s) and/or the services to be interrupted, damaged, rendered less efficient or such that the effectiveness or functionality of the App(s) and/or the services is in any way impaired;

1.4 will not use the App(s) and/or the services in any manner which violates or infringes the rights of any person, firm or company (including, but not limited to, rights of intellectual property, rights of confidentiality or rights of privacy);

1.5 will not attempt any unauthorised access to any part or component of the App(s) and/or the services;

1.6 agree that in the event that you have any right, claim or action against any Users arising out of that User's use of the App(s) and/or the services, then you will pursue such right, claim or action independently of, and without recourse to us; and agree not to allow any third party directly or indirectly to use your subscription, user name or password.

Not a Financial Planner, Broker or Tax Advisor

SIPTM IS NOT A FINANCIAL PLANNER, BROKER OR TAX ADVISOR. The Service is intended only to assist you in your financial decision-making and is broad in scope.Accordingly, before making any final decisions or implementing any financial strategy, you should consider obtaining additional information and advice from your financial advisers who are fully aware of your individual circumstances.


1. We agree to keep confidential all information received from you and not to make unwarranted copies of the Confidential Information, and to use the Confidential Information only for the purpose for which it has been disclosed to us. However, Confidential Information shall not include any intellectual property materials (including, but not limited to, ideas, concepts, know-how, techniques and methodologies) developed by SIPtm based on its industry knowledge, experience and expertise.

2. Confidential Information would also not include information previously known to us; or, independently developed by us in the course of execution of this or any other service; or acquired by us from a third party which is not, to our knowledge, under an obligation to you not to disclose such information; or which is or becomes publicly available through no breach by us of this Letter.

3. In the event we receive a validly issued administrative or judicial process requiring disclosure of Confidential Information, we shall provide prompt notice to you of such receipt. We shall thereafter be entitled to disclose any Confidential Information in order to comply with such administrative or judicial process.


The User agrees to indemnify, and hold harmless Everguard, SIPtm and any of its affiliates and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents and controlling Persons from and against any and all losses, claims, damages and liabilities, whatsoever and howsoever caused, incurred, sustained or arising from, or in connection with, the provision of services to you by SIPtm.

Limitation of Liability

The User agrees that neither Everguard Life Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (The Company) nor its directors or employees shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, resulting from the use/delivery/performance or the inability to use/deliver/perform the Service or resulting from the Services subscribed to or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through or of User's transmissions or data.

The User further agrees that Everguard (The Company) shall not be liable for any damages arising from interruption, suspension or termination of Service, whether such interruption, suspension or termination was justified or not, negligent or intentional, inadvertent or advertent.

  • SIPtm shall not in the absence of gross negligence on the part of SIPtm, be liable to user for any act, omission or delay by the mutual fund or for any claims which user may suffer or incur as a result of or in course or discharge by SIPtm or Everguard's employees, officers, directors, nominee or agent of their duties.
  • Without prejudice to the above, SIPtm shall not be held liable for any loss or damage or failure to comply or delay in complying with its obligations under the Terms & Conditions which is caused directly or indirectly by any event or circumstances beyond SIPtm's reasonable control. These include system failure, network errors, delay or loss of data due to the above and in circumstances of acts of God, floods, epidemics, quarantine, riot, civil commotion and/or war. User further agrees that SIPtm shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, expenses, costs, liabilities and claims of whatsoever nature caused by fraudulent or unauthorized use or access of user information, and/or signatures. SIPtm will be under no duty to verify compliance with any restrictions on users' investment powers.
  • SIPtm will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost, charges or expenses directly or indirectly caused by reasons of any defects or imperfections or mechanical or other failure with relation to computer, cable, telex, telephone or postal system.
  • While SIPtm will make every effort to have its computer systems available at all times, SIPtm makes no guarantees with respect to the availability of such systems. SIPtm will make every effort to resolve availability issues such as network problems, virus attacks etc. in an expeditious manner. Notwithstanding these, SIPtm will as such not be liable for any loss, damage, cost, charges or expenses directly or indirectly caused by reasons of lack of such availability.
  • SIPtm shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by reason of failures or delay of the mutual fund to deliver any units purchased even though payments have been made for the same, or failure or delay in making payment in respect of any units sold, though they may have been delivered and user shall hold SIPtm harmless and free from any claim in respect thereof. SIPtm shall also not be liable for any delay, failure or refusal of the mutual fund in registering or transferring units to user names or for any interest, dividend or other loss caused to user arising therefrom.
  • In instances of third party claims, SIPtm shall not be liable for any failure/delay, wherein such claims/losses are arising due to a reason entirely attributable to an error or gross negligence of the mutual funds/Techprocess/AMC.

Warranties and Disclaimers

The information we provide through our Services does not constitute advice. Please seek independent financial advice when making investment decisions.

Other than as expressly set out in these Terms or the Investor Services Agreement, neither SIPtm nor its service partners make any specific promises about the Services. We don't make any commitments about the content within the Services, the specific functions of the Services, or their availability to you at all times. We provide the Services "as is".

Disclaimer for harm caused to your Access Device

The App assumes no responsibility for damage to computers, mobile, tablets or software of the visitor or any person the visitor subsequently communicates with from corrupting code or data that is inadvertently passed to the visitor's access device. Again, visitor views and interacts with this site, or banners or pop-ups or advertising displayed thereon, at his own risk.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Terms of Use is governed by the laws of the Republic of India. The User hereby consents and submits to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of Courts in Pune, India in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this App or Service. You consent to the jurisdiction and venue of the Courts located in Pune, India. In the event any of the terms or provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be held to be unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions shall be unimpaired and the unenforceable term or provision shall be replaced by such enforceable term or provision as comes closest to the intention underlying the unenforceable term or provision.

Foreign Jurisdiction

All Users of the Service in countries other than India understand that by using the Service, they may be violating the local laws in such countries. If the User chooses to access the Service from outside India, he shall be responsible for compliance with foreign and local laws. The Users agree that they will solely be liable for any liability incurred by them in this regard and will indemnify SIPtm for any liability SIPtm may incur in any foreign jurisdiction as a consequence of citizens / residents of countries other than India using the Service. This service does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to any person in any jurisdiction where it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation.


SIPtm reserves the right to reproduce in part or full clients views about its services in its product promotions or in its communications with prospective clients. Clients who do not wish their views to be used as above may intimate SIPtm in writing to this effect.

Link to Third Party

• SIPtm may provide you links to third party services ("Third Party Services"). You agree to use the Third Party Services at your sole risk and that we shall not have any liability to you for content that may be found to be offensive, indecent, or objectionable. User understands that certain Third Party Services may display, include or make available content, data, information, applications or materials from third parties ("Third Party Materials") or provide links to certain third party Apps. By using the Third Party Services, you acknowledge and agree that SIPtm is not responsible for examining or evaluating the content, accuracy, completeness, timeliness, validity, copyright compliance, legality, decency, quality or any other aspect of such Third Party Materials or Apps. SIPTM DOES NOT WARRANT OR ENDORSE AND DOES NOT ASSUME AND WILL NOT HAVE ANY LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY TO YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON FOR ANY THIRD PARTY SERVICES, THIRD PARTY MATERIALS OR APPS, OR FOR ANY OTHER MATERIALS, PRODUCTS, OR SERVICES OF THIRD PARTIES.

No Objection from the User(S)

  • User acknowledges and grants no objection to SIPtm to do or place transaction requests for the User on the online technology platform of SIPtm and at users own risk and cost, all or any of the following acts, deeds matters and things:
  • To forward user transaction data and requests to the respective mutual funds/Payment Gateway/RTAs/AMCs with respect to the instructions and orders of sale, purchase, transfer, splitting and consolidation of mutual fund units.
  • To transmit to the mutual fund and/or the BSE, information relating to user nomination/changes in investment plan/ any other changes made through the online platform.
  • To obtain and forward to the RTA/AMC, its authorized registrar user’s information as available in the KYC records, including user signature(s). User agrees that such records may be used by the RTA/AMC/authorised registrar for authorizing the transactions that may be submitted by user in physical/offline mode.
  • To contact user regarding matters pertaining to the operation of user Account including, but not limited to, servicing of users requests, communication of special offers, new product launches and product recommendations. This consent will override any registration for Do Not Call (“DNC”) / National Do Not Call (“NDNC”)

Account Statements

• User agrees and acknowledges that it shall be the obligation of the AMC and not of SIPtm to regularly send to the Registered Customer such communications as required under the SEBI regulations.

Notices and Correspondence

• Any notice or other correspondence addressed by SIPtm to user may be addressed to the address provided by the users at the time of enrollment. If according to user there is any discrepancy in the particular or details of transaction or account of statement then, it shall be the responsibility of the user to intimate the same to SIPtm and to the concerned mutual fund/AMC/authorised registrar of the AMC in writing within 7 (seven) working days of receiving notice thereof, falling which such transaction, statement or account (as the case may be) shall be deemed to be correct and accepted by user and users shall not be entitled to question the correctness or accuracy thereof.


• User shall provide any and all information that may be required by SIPtm/AMC/authorised service providers of the AMC from time to time in compliance with existing legal norms and regulations, including but not limited to contact information, address and tax related information and any information required under existing or future KYC norms and laws. User agrees that SIPtm/AMC/authorized service providers of the AMC may take steps to verify the veracity of such information provided and shall co-operate with SIPtm/AMC/authorized service providers of AMC in providing all information requested by SIPtm. User acknowledges that failure to provide such information in a timely manner may result in ineligibility to avail of some or all of the services of SIPtm and that SIPtm shall in no way be held liable for any losses of whatsoever nature resulting from such failure to provide information on part of the user. Any information provided by the User may be required to be shared with relevant regulatory/statutory authorities and User authorisesSIPtm to provide all information to such regulatory / statutory authorities as and when required.

The information shall be provided by the User and shall be governed in accordance with details provided in the privacy policy.

Fees & Charges

  • While currently, the Services offered by SIPtm are free of transaction charges, user acknowledges that SIPtm reserves the right to charge fees in the future for the Services or any other services offered by SIPtm. Any such changes will be communicated by SIPtm via email 30 (thirty) days ahead of implementation, and will be displayed on the SIPtm Apps. Under such circumstances, user has the option to transfer its assets out of its Account without incurring any costs payable to SIPtm.
  • User agrees and understands that any such charges/fees that SIPtm may choose to levy will be in addition to those levied by the mutual funds, if any. All fees, charges and reimbursement of expenditure shall be paid or made in full by user without any counter claim, set off or withholding. All liabilities and obligations of the Registered Customer(s) hereunder to SIPtm/mutual fund/AMCs/trustees of the AMC shall be joint and/or several, as the case may be.


SIPtm earns commission from Asset Management Companies when the user buys mutual funds. However, the recommendations on funds are not influenced by the commission SIPtm earns. A list of Mutual Fund Companies that SIPtm works with and the associated commission rates will be published periodically.

Regulator Caution

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme-related documents carefully. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.